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MBBS in Russia

MBBS study in Russia is extremely popular in India due to the fact that, way back in 1996, the Indian students who were passionate to become doctor started traveling here. Over a period of last 25 years, more than 6,000 doctors have returned back to India. Many have settled abroad working in various hospitals after completing their MBBS study in Europe. Medical schools for MBBS in Russia recognized by MCI opened new avenues for students in India. Last year, low-cost Russia MBBS colleges attracted more than 3,500 Indian students. Medical education in Russia is famous across the globe. Also, Russian MBBS degree in India is valid due to the colleges for MBBS in Russia recognized by MCI are available and they come under the top 10 medical colleges in Russia.


University Years Ist Year(Including Hostel, Visa, Health Insurance) 2nd-6th Year(Including Hostel, Visa, Health Insurance) Total 6 Year Package
BASHKIR STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY 5.8 65005 (4,22,500 RS) 3600$(2nd)(2,34,000 RS) 2900$(3rd-4th)(1,88,500 RS) 2430$(5th)(1,57,950 RS) 2255$(6th)(1,46,575 RS) 20585$ (13,38,000 RS)
CHUVASH MEDICAL UNIVERSITY 5.8 5000$ (3,25,000 RS) 3300$ (2,14,500 RS) 21,500 $ (13,97,500 RS)
CRIMEA STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY (CHEM & BIO : 70%) 5.8 5500$ (3,57,500 RS) 3700$ (2,40,500 RS) 24000$(15,60,000 RS)
KIROV STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY 5.8 5200$ (3,38,000 RS) 4200$ (2,73,000 RS) 26200$ (17,03,000 RS)
OMSK STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY 5.8 5200$ (3,38,000 RS) 4200$ (2,73,000 RS) 26200$ (17,03,000 RS)
ORENBURG UNIVERSITY 5.8 5600$ (3,64,000 RS) 4600$ (2,99,000 RS) 28600$ (18,60,000 RS)
ULYANOVSK STATE UNIVERSITY 5.8 5800$ (3,77,000 RS) 4800$ (3,12,000 RS) 29800$ (19,37,000 RS)
NORTHERN STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY 5.8 6200$ (4,03,000 RS) 5200$ (3,38,000 RS) 32200$ (20,93,000 RS)
KAZAN FEDRAL UNIVERSITY 5.8 7800$ (5,07,000 RS) 6500$ (4,22,500 RS) 40300$ (26,19,500 RS)
I.M SECHENOV FIRST MOSCOW STATE MEDICAL 5.8 14700$ (9,55,500 RS) 13700$ (8,95,500 RS) 83200$ (53,75,500 RS)



It is not an easy decision for the students and parents to study MBBS in abroad at low cost. Most of the time, it is the dream of the students but the parents are not aware of the advantages and disadvantages of studying MBBS in abroad. Every country has both the sides. The students need to know both the angles while taking the decision to study MBBS in abroad at low cost. The decision is based on consultant’s advice. However, you should be able to differentiate between an admission agent and study MBBS in abroad consultant. In 2016, estimated 3500+ Indian students looking for low-cost MBBS in abroad decided for Russia as their destination. Medical education in Russia is now chosen by a maximum of students in India.



The maximum number of students go to Russia to study MBBS every year. Right from 1996, the Indian students went to Russia to study MBBS abroad. Thousands of doctors are already practising in India whose finished their MBBS studies in Russia. However, before you take the decision, you must understand that there are 3 types of MBBS courses in Russia in various universities.



1. Fully English taught MBBS courses in Russia (In very few Russian MBBS colleges).

2. Fully Russian taught MBBS programs in Russia (All the Russian medical universities).

3. Bilingual programs (3 years in English and last 3 years in the Russian language in most of the universities)

The cost to study MBBS / MD in Russia in the English language is always higher than that of the Russian taught programs. So the students should make their budgets as per the teaching language. For example, the fees from 2nd year in Dagestan Medical University (Approved by MCI) is USD 3,700 in English language and only USD 3,000 if you choose to study in Russian taught program from 2nd to 6th year. To understand more, you may inquire with IRHA Education to avoid the mistake in university selection.




No government university will ever ask for 6 years fees together and provide you with the subsidy. These are schemes floated by the India based agents. Once you pay 6 years fees together, you cannot do anything to them even if you are placed in fully Russian taught programs. You lost your money and your medical career!


Never pay tuition fees to the agents. The students need to pay the fees directly to the university. Always take in writing from the agent that the fees would be paid to the university directly and the agent would not ask for it. At the last moment of hurry to depart, they generally throw these surprises and put the students in trouble.


The agents show the tuition fees of the program based on Russian taught MBBS course. However, when you reach there, you realize that the university tuition fees charge for English-taught program would be higher. This would make your planned financial budget in trouble. IRHA Education has decided to give you both the costs for all the universities so that you can easily compare it with the other agents and arrive at a proper decision.


Many of the agents try to fool you a by promoting a bilingual program as a fully English-taught program. You need to be very careful for this. You may get in touch with IRHA Education expert counselor to understand the options clearly. Click here to understand what Indian Embassy in Moscow has to convey towards students advisory.


The students should have MCI Screening Test coaching(Online) before they depart to study MBBS in Russia. Do not believe in a future promise by the agents that the classroom coaching is available.


Many agents promote “Subsidized Fees” with the Russian medical universities. In this scheme, they ask the students to pay 6 years fees together with a discount. IRHA Education always warns the student that there is no such system by the university having “subsidized fees”. The amount would be kept by the agent and ultimately you would end us in trouble when they do not pay the fees to the university on your behalf to study MBBS in Russia.


MCI Screening Test coaching is not available in most of the Russian medical universities. Many agents simply convey that it is available and even take the money. You must ensure that a MCI Screening Test / FMGE online coaching module is made available to you before your departure. Imagine a situation that you chose a wrong university offering bilingual teaching such as Tver Medical College. You did not get the FMGE coaching. The result would be absolutely disastrous! Indian consulate in Moscow has published the results of MCI Screening Test for individual universities to support you select the university to study MBBS in Russia with clarity.

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